We’re back from a trip, and have put together a meal plan for the week! Here’s what we’re cooking. A reminder, everything is vegetarian and gluten free. As I cook these things this week I’ll update the post with photos of everything

GROCERY LIST: Items with an * are not available in the organic section of our store…so they’re not organic.

Bag of carrots: $1
1 Cauliflower: $5
3lb bag onions: $3
2 Green pepper: $3.50
Garlic: $1*
Basil: $2*
Asparagus: $4
2 Avocados: $4
Grape tomatoes: $3
3lb bag potatoes: $3
Red cabbage: $4.50
Broccoli: $2
2 Lemons: $2
Mozzarella cheese: $6
Cheddar cheese: $4
Feta: $3
Parmesan: $4
Eggs: $4
Qunioa: $5
2 28 oz can whole tomatoes: $3*
Pinto beans: $1
Black beans: $3
Oatmeal: $4
Pasta sauce: $4
Cereal: $3
Almond milk: $3
Apple sauce: $4
Rice: $1*
Butter: $4
Orange juice: $6 (our store had odwalla almost half price, so we got two since we are all loving it right now!)
Popcorn: $2 – this is an easy yummy snack!

Veggie broth – I make this

THINGS FOR JUICE: we have a nutribullet and all three get a lot of our fruits and veg from it daily. Typically for breakfast or at dinner time.
Kale: $3
Pineapple: $4*
Bananas: $2
Spinach: $2
Pears: $2
Bag of apples: $5
2 Blueberries*: $5
Carrots (shown above)

Total: $124

Breakfasts: We typically make oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, with some fruit. We do have cereal and almond milk on the grocery list this week as well.

Tomato Basil Soup: http://www.onedayatatime-recipes.blogspot.com/2013/10/creamy-basil-tomato-soup.html
We spent a few days in DC with our friends (hence no meal plan last week), and my friend Leigh made this soup for us while we were there. Oh my yum. So easy, so good. Elsa loved it too. We’ll pair it up with some broccoli and have a warm healthy meal. I use veggie broth, and leave out the cream. We did both at Leigh’s house, and it’s delicious that way.

Lemon Asparagus Quinoa
This is just something Nate and I decided we wanted to make this week. We used to make it with pasta, but we’re using quinoa this week instead. Basically we use a half a bunch of asparagus and a handful or so of grape tomatoes. Cut the asparagus into inch long pieces, and the grape tomatoes in quarters or halves. Sauté the asparagus in olive oil until it’s the tenderness you like, then add the tomatoes and lemon juice (we like a lot) because they only take a minute to warm up. Stir in however much quinoa you’re going to eat. We’ll make about 3/4 a dry cup’s worth. Top with feta. We’ll make two batches of this, for two different meals. Elsa just eats quinoa plain, so I scoop some out for her before mixing it all together.

Creamy Caprese Quinoa Bake: http://www.halfbakedharvest.com/creamy-caprese-quinoa-bake/
I found this on pinterest and think it looks delicious. I am making some modifications though. I’m leaving out the cream and cutting the cheese some. ..because that there is a lot of dairy!

Red Cabbage Tacos
My sister and her husband make these, and I’m finally adding them to our meal plan. They are delicious and full of veg. Plus, no grainy carby tortilla that has a thousand ingredients in it! We got black beans, pinto beans, bell pepper, onion, avocado, tomatoes, and organic cheese to fill ours with.

Veggie Shepard’s Pie
I’m making cauliflower/potato mash to top it with by cutting three potatoes and a half a head (or small head) of cauliflower into chunks and boiling for 15-20 minutes (until they are tender) then mashing with butter and salt. While the potatoes/cauliflower are boiling I’m going to chop three carrots, an onion, two red potatoes, fresh green beans, a small head of broccoli, some left over grape tomatoes, and garlic. Throw it all in a bowl, add salt, pepper, and olive oil and mix all together, covering each piece. Put the veggies in a oven safe casserole dish and roast at 400 degrees until the veggies are roasted to the point you like them. Remove from oven. Top with mashed cauliflower/potatoes, shred a little of your parmesan cheese on top, and toss it back in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese. Yum!

Veggie Fried Rice
To use up some of the remaining red cabbage (because the organic head they had was HUGE) and other little bits of veggies that might be left like bell pepper, onion, carrots, kale, and possibly broccoli, we plan to saute them up with garlic and eat them over rice or quinoa (already in the pantry). You could definitely spice/sauce this up however you want, and even add an egg or meat if you’re a non-vegetarian.

ADDITIONS: Elsa girl ended up craving black bean burgers, so I used one of my bell peppers, and my can of black beans to whip those up. Which left just the can of pinto beans for the tacos. No biggie. When you kiddo craves something as healthy as those guys, and then eats 5 of the 8 patties in one sitting, you just go with it! Growing girl! Also, we made an extra soup for our neighbors, so here’s the recipe for that potato corn chowder.

Potato and Corn Chowder
In a large pot melt a stick of butter. Add 1 chopped white onion and saute. Add 1 1/2 tsp ground cumin, 32 oz vegetable broth, and 3 peeled and diced baking potatoes. Bring to boil and cook until the potatoes are tender.. Add 3 cans of creamed corn and salt and pepper to taste. Add a little chopped up parsley, and that’s it! This isn’t exactly health food with the potatoes and cream corn haha, but it’s really yummy and comforting. And it makes a lot of food, so it’s a great option if you’ve got a big family or are having guests over.




TOMATO SOUP – Top photo: credit Leigh Ladd of http://www.onedayatatime-recipes.blogspot.com. Bottom photo: mine, bottom right image potato corn chowder.



RED CABBAGE TACOS – Photo credit, my sis, Emily Drapal Tanko





Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 6.18.42 PM

VEG/FRUIT BLEND – This is what we make with our nutribullet. 50% greens, the rest is a mix of banana, blueberries, carrot, and pineapple.


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  • Mmm…considering I haven’t had lunch yet I’m drooling here =) Those red cabbage tacos look fab. And I love the idea of mixing potatoes and cauliflower together to top your shepherds pie!!! I may have to try that.

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