Week of 09.12.11

Last week we had some delicious, and easy, meals. This week we’re trying some new recipes and going back to some favorites. Nate’s craving Buddha Bowls again, and I’m excited to have all of these veggies in our meal plan. There also seems to be a lot of grilling going on in our neighborhood, which just makes us crazy for a burger, so black bean burgers are making another appearance!

Here’s this week’s meal plan for around $50:

This week for breakfast you’ll have oats, fruit, and toast. We’re also using some left over bananas from last week’s fruit and making banana bread. And we have frozen fruit for smoothies, and will add any left over yogurt we don’t use for the pita yogurt sauce.

Day 1
Lunch: Black Bean Burgers
Dinner: Eggplant- Tomato Stew with Garbanzo Beans (thanks for the recipe Stacy!)

Day 2
Lunch: Black Bean Burgers
Dinner: Eggplant- Tomato Stew with Garbanzo Beans

Day 3
Lunch: Eggplant- Tomato Stew with Garbanzo Beans
Dinner: Black Bean Burger Pitas

Day 4
Lunch: Pimento Cheese Sandwich with Avocado
Dinner: Buddha Bowl

Day 5
Lunch: Hummus Pitas with Yogurt Sauce
Dinner: Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Pasta

Day 6

Lunch: Hummus Pitas with Yogurt Sauce
Dinner: Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Pasta

Day 7
Lunch: Pimento Cheese Sandwich with Avocado
Dinner: Buddha Bowl

And here is the grocery list with approx. pricing: 

Eggplant: $3
Tomatoes: $2
Carrots: $1
2 cabs Garbanzo beans: $2
Kidney beans: $1
Bag of onions: $2
3 heads garlic: $1
Pasta (rotini or something short): $1.50
Cauliflower: $3
Shredded parmesan: 2.50
6oz tomato paste: $1
Black beans: $1
Pitas: $2
Oats: $2
Bread: $1.50
Greek yogurt: $1
Lemon: $.50
Cucumber: $1
Pimento: $2
Cheddar cheese: $2
Monterey jack cheese: $2
Avocado: $2.50
Broccoli: $3
Green bell pepper: $1
Spinach: $2
Rice: $1
Fruit: $4
Hummus: $3
Mayo: $2

*Note again: I make our broth, so I don’t include it on here. But if you need to buy broth or any spices add a couple of dollars.

And the recipes:

Eggplant-Tomato Stew with Garbanzo Beans: Cut a peeled eggplant into 1/2″ cubes. Slice 1 1/2 cups carrots. And chop a cup of onion. Combine your veggies, a can of garbanzo beans (drained, a can of kidney beans (rinsed and drained), and 3 minced cloves of garlic in a crock pot. Add 3 cups veggie broth, 6oz of tomato paste, 1/2 tsp dried oregano, and 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper. Stir, cover, and cook on low for 7-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours.

Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Pasta: Preheat oven to 450.  Take two heads of garlic, peel the skin off and cut the top quarter off the top. Place the garlic heads on foil, drizzle with olive oil, and fold up and seal the foil. Place on oven rack and roast until the garlic is tender, about 40 minutes. Once it’s done set it aside to cool.

While roasting the garlic cut the stem flush with the bottom of your head of cauliflower. Cut into bite-sized pieces. In a bowl toss the cauliflower with a couple of tablespoons oil, some salt, pepper, and 1/4 tsp sugar. Roast on a baking sheet until brown and tender, about 20 minutes.

Cook pasta, drain (reserving 1 cup cooking water), and return to pot. While the pasta is cooking squeeze the cooled garlic into a bowl. Mash the garlic into a paste, stir in a couple tablespoons lemon juice (make sure you leave a little if you’re going to use a yogurt sauce on your hummus pitas) and 1/4 tsp red pepper. Add the cauliflower, garlic paste, 1/4 cup cooking water, and 1/2 cup parmesan cheese. Add more water if needed. Season to taste. Add cheese as needed.

Black Bean Burgers: This is a repeat. We love them and are craving them again…In a bowl mash up a can of drained and rinsed black beans. In a food processor combine a couple of cloves of garlic, a small onion or half of a large one, and a bell pepper. Process that sucker! in another food processor grind up a bunch of oats until they’re nice and small. Start with a cup or so, but you may need to do more in a bit. If you’ve got bread crumbs lying around those work too. Mix the oats and the green pepper/onion mixture into the bowl with the black beans. Add more oats as needed until it’s a sticky paste of a mixture almost like ground beef, just enough so that you can form little patties of it. Place them on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 10 minutes on each side. Thin patties will work better. This usually makes about 12 patties for us. Yep, that’s why it’s on there for so many meals. And if you’ve got spices and such you’d like to thrown in the mix go for it. Nate loves to add chili paste to them. And dress them up with whatever you want. We typically have ketchup, relish and mayo around.

Hummus Pitas: We’re going to use garlic hummus, green pepper, spinach, cheese, cucumber, and tomato. We’re also topping them with yogurt sauce.

For the sauce combine 1 cup plain yogurt, 1/2 cup diced cucumber, 1/4 cup minced onion, and 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice. Cover and chill.

Buddha Bowl
Cook 1-2 cups of rice. While it’s cooking sauté: 1/2 a head of chopped broccoli, 1/2 of a chopped onion, and a grated carrot. Add a 1/2 cup of chickpeas, a little spinach, and some garlic so they’re warm. I plan on peppering this. Serve the veggies/chickpeas over the warm rice. Dress it with a sliced avocado, salt, and whatever other spices you’d like. We like to top it with teriyaki sauce. Yum.

Pimento Cheese
In a bowl combine 1 cup cheddar cheese, 1 cup coolly cheese, 2 to 4 oz diced pimento peppers (drained), and 4oz mayo. Add more mayo and pimentos as you need or wish. Salt, pepper, and spice as needed. Put the pimento cheese and sliced avocado on bread. Grill until warm and melty. Eat it up!

Banana Bread. An easy cheap breakfast!

Veggie and bean tacos

Spinach and ricotta stuffed shells. These are so good. They’ll be a regular for sure. And half of a box of shells makes a ton of food. We ate leftovers for a couple of days.

Just an FYI, you can make ruebens with quesadillas. And it’s aaaawesome.

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